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About Tahir.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani is one such financial consultant who is best in the field. He owns a business named Creative where he works as a financial advisor. His 5-year career as an expert financial advisor, says about his forward-thinking ability.

His specialization and determination in the field help his firm to understand every client requirement. Through his vast knowledge, they can provide financial security for the client.


Personal Information

Net Worth

Tahir Lakhani Dubai earns through his hardworking career as a financial advisor. However, his total net worth for the year is unavailable.

Date of Birth

The birth date of Tahir Lakhani is 5th March 1990.

Physical stature

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani’s weight is 82 kg and his total height is 6’3 inches.

Marital Status

Tahir Lakhani is committed to his work as a financial consultant. He is determined to remain focused on his career. Therefore, currently, he is not married to anyone.


Professional & Career

This Tahir Lakhani news will help you to know more about his professional life and career.

Before starting his financial consultancy, Tahir Lakhani first worked in other exceptional financial consultancies in Dubai. He was a junior accountant in a local company that helped him to develop the knowledge and skills in the field.

Later, he joined financial consultancies and worked there to explore more about the field. Further, his extensive knowledge and dedication for the field helped him to achieve massive success and growth in his career. He made himself the best in the field.

Today, through his hard work he is the most successful expert financial consultant. He offers his services to a wide range of people around the world. As of now, Tahir is living his dream as a financial advisor by helping many individuals to manage their finance.


Education & interest

Tahir Lakhani is a qualified business professional in Dubai. He holds a Master degree in business administration and financial accounting. Moreover, he has offered his services in the finance industry for over five years. In his successful career, he got the opportunity to work in some of the popular firms in Dubai. Further, Tahir Lakhani is an expert financial consultant in the country.

Besides, his serious career it is a well-known fact that Tahir Lakhani is a cricket fanatic. In his free time, he enjoys the gameplay. Travelling is also one of his favorite hobbies. Tahir Lakhani spends quality time with his family by travelling around with this family. Also, he has the perfect balance between professional and personal life.


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